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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> yes. i am back from a wonderful vacation in the high country. >> they let you in the ng? >> can you believe it. he still works. yeah guys i came back on the right day. getting interesting outside right now. some clouds beginning to move in and we've got some showers moving in our direction and maybe some thunderstorms? that's coming up. sadly already watching a traffic alert in sunnyvale with a fatal crash involving a motorcycle rider. northbound 101 at lawrence expressway. you can already see the delays coming up 101. just a heads-up if you're starting your morning drive. that's coming up. all right thank you. a man who got caught driving dangerously on his motorcycle in april is in trouble again, this time for a deadly corvette crash. kpix 5's christin ayers has learned the driver is still in the hospital from a friday morning crash that killed his passenger, 25-year-old nicholas obenchain. >> reporter: that was 23-year- old corey mcdonah seen in april
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recklessry ripping down the freeway on his motorcycle at over 120 miles per hour. a highway patrol aircraft flying overhead captured him popping wheelies, waving dangerously in and out of traffic and a short time later, being arrested by officers in front of his home. >> are you sorry? >> yeah. >> reporter: seemingly hesitant, yes. corey told us after he was sentenced to probation and community service he had learned his lesson. >> big brother is always watching you. i don't know. >> reporter: that lesson apparently didn't stick. these are remnants of his silver corvette totaled friday when he slammed into a pole and then clipped a car on 580. corey had been drinking highway patrol said. >> one of the individuals was laying on the roadway in front of the corvette. they were not wearing their seat belts. >> reporter: his passenger was pronounced dead. on facebook corey poses proudly alongside his win. it is -- wip.
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it is now impounded. >> he was arrested and he still didn't learn his lesson. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> he was charged with dui and also expected to face felony charges. now a san francisco man is accused of posing as a police officer and tricking immigrant men into having sex with him. police say 35-year-old jeffrey bogay got them drunk and forced them to have sex. he is a licensed security guard and police say he would cruise the mission in the district in a crown victoria. >> he had a uniform with a duty belt, you know, patches, a badge on the uniform shirt and so of course if you're new to the country you know don't speak the language very well. you would assume they're law enforcement. >> to keep his victims from talking, police say he would threaten to have the men deported if they went to the real police. the surviving suspect of a violent bank heist in stockton
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is eligible for the death penalty. 19-year-old jaime are miss appeared in a courtroom yesterday. he faces 35 charges including three counts of murder. a hostage misty holt sing was killed during a gun battle with police after last week's robbery. prosecutors say ramos used holt sing as a human shield and he is charged with her murder and the murder of his two alleged partners who died in the shootout and police are still looking for the driver of a buick seen on surveillance video dropping the robbers off at the bank. the abandoned car was recovered friday. no showers, no flushing toilets, no water whatsoever. that's the misery hundreds of people in the spring house apartments in pleasanton have been living with the past four days. kpix 5's andria borba reports the water might be back on finally tonight. >> reporter: when you turnon the faucet you expect something. preferably water to come out. not so much at the spring house apartments in pleasanton.
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the faucets, toilets and showers have been dry for four days. >> still not on. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: it began with a water main break. >> it started bubbling up out of the ground. >> reporter: and has devolved into port-a-potties in the parking lot. >> they have one port a potty for every two buildings. >> reporter: because flushing the toilet is no longer an option unless you're willing to fill up the tank at the pool. basic necessities like showering, gone. >> i went to work this morning without taking a shower and it's gross. it's just -- not okay. >> i can't drive everywhere to go to take a shower. >> out of a bucket. that i pour clean water into and i splash around in like a bird. >> reporter: there's a notice that says the water should be flowing again by 8:00 p.m. tuesday. which residents of spring house are taking with several grains of salt. >> every note that i have says we're hoping for tomorrow. >> reporter: while residents like scott hanson hope this is the last day of importing water to do the dishes. >> it's despicable ownership.
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>> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> there's also no water for the sprinklers and fire hydrants but the fire department tells us they have enough hydrants nearby to put a fire out if there's a problem there. all right, lawrence is back. you know how to do weather? it's been a while. it has been a while but no rest for the weary. >> we have some very interesting weather out there right now. we're just looking at the hi- def doppler radar right now. multiple lightning strikes right now. boy headed into part of the peninsula right now we've got numerous lightning strikes in through half-moon day and pacifica. you can see some of the cells dropping down the thunderstorms there and more of that going to be sliding through. much stronger cell just sitting off the coastline. that is going to be sliding up near probably just -- just to the west of san francisco. and then looks like it is going to make its way into the north bay. so don't be surprised if you hear the loud rumble of thunder. a see a couple of flushes of lightning outside this morning. as we head to the afternoon that will start to settle down i think we'll see some partly
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cloudy skies. the temperatures will be in the 70s and a few 80s. you'll see some 60sout along the coastline. all right, let's check on the roads now with elizabeth. a traffic alert this morning in sunnyvale. northbound 101 approaching the lawrence expressway a couple of lanes are blocked. the accident happened at 3:00 this morning and still out there. the investigation continues it's an ongoing now for an hour and a half. the accident approaching lawrence expressway again but we're seeing the slowdowns from at least san thomas. here's the live look northbound 880. northbound and southbound 880. this morning the overnight roadwork is southbound on 880 by jackson and embarcadero. if you're traveling westbound 580 you may hit that usual overnight roadwork in dublin pleasanton, the drive times still looking clear though. 14 minutes out of the pass and b.a.r.t. also on time. in fact all mass transit off to a nice start at 4:36. back to you guys. all right thank you. new this morning, south korean police say they have identified the body of a businessman linked to a deadly ferry
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disaster. more than 300 people died most of them teenagers when the ferry capsized in april. now dna and fingerprint tests have provided positive identification of that body found in a field. authorities believe the dead man owned the ferry. he was wanted on charges related to the disaster and it's unclear how he died. european union foreign ministers are meeting to consider sanctions against russia because of the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17. >> susan mcginnis reports the remains of the victims of last week's crash are finally underway to the netherlands now for identification. >> reporter: now in the hands of malaysian officials and ukrainian separatists controlling the area where the plane went down finally agreed to turn them over. >> i can see that a black box is intact. even though a little bit -- >> reporter: the recorders could reveal clues to what happened to the plane last thursday. the bodies of most of the victims began their final trip
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home monday. a train carrying the corpses left a pro russian controlled area of eastern ukraine. and arrived today in a government controlled part of the country. the bodies will eventually be moved to the netherlands to be identified. president obama is also demanding international investigators get full access to the crash site. a dutch forensic expert surveyed the area yesterday. >> we have to make sure that the truth is out. and that accountability exists. >> reporter: u.s. and ukrainian officials say evidence suggests pro russian militants shot down the plane, killing all 298 people on board. russia still denies responsibility. and is challenging the united states to prove it was involved in the downing of the malaysia airlines jet. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> malaysia airlines is now rerouting its planes away from the ukraine. it's flying to london over war- torn syria instead.
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developing news, u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in egypt right now hoping to help broker a cease fire agreement between israel and hamas in gaza. kerry acknowledges the differences between israel and hamas run very deep and must be addressed in a long-term solution. >> israel has accepted that cease fire proposal. so only hamas now needs to make the decision to spare innocent civilians from this violence. >> meanwhile, israeli aircraft hit more than 70 targets today in the gaza strip including five mosques. two weeks of intense fighting have killed at least 500 palestinians and more than two dozen israelis. texas governor rick perry is trying to take the initiative on illegal immigration and he's calling in the national guard. up to 1,000 troops will head to
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the texas mexico border in the next month. the area has been overwhelmed there. the deployment will cost texas an estimated $12 million a month. >> i'm using my executive authority as governor of texas and activating the national guard. >> white house insists its plan is working and the number of children apprehended had gone down. it says back in june, 355 kids were taken into custody per day in the rio grande valley. today that number is down to about 150 per day. happening today, president obama returns to the bay area for more fundraising. the president will fly in tonight from seattle: tomorrow he'll be in the hills for a fundraising luncheon. tickets start at $10,000. after that he flies to los angeles. the president's last bay area fundraisers were two and a half months ago. also happening today, san francisco's supervisors decide whether to put a soda tax on the november ballot. the president -- the proposal
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rather would tax most soft drinks of two cents per ounce. the money would go for sports and recreation programs and nutrition education. the board's budget committee voted unanimously for the plan last week. a packing company is recalling several stoned fruits over concerns of possible listeria contamination. the packing recalling specific lots of peaches, plums and nectarines sold at stores including trader joe's and costco. there are no reports of illnesses. the recall was prompted by internal testing at a packing house. the fruit was shipped from the packing house between june the 1st and july the 12th and you can find more details at there's a link there near the top of the main page. just getting started on a tuesday, overcoming a physical challenge in a very big day. you're going -- way. you're going to meet the california woman who rode across the pacific despite her limitations. >> what's cool about your school? or your summer camp? you can e-mail your nomination to us at
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and we may come and feature your school or camp on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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determine if the los angeles clippers can be sold, witho the consent of owner donald more compelling testimony in the trial to determine if the los angeles clippers can be sold without the consent of owner donald sterling. yesterday, the cfo of sterling's properties testified sterling may have to sell a half a billion dollars in real estate to pay off loans if the sale goes through. sterling dissolved a family trust to prevent his wife from selling the team and that's prompted banks to consider recalling their loans to him. well, a judge is trying to determine if a san francisco man accused of having a bomb in his apartment should be placed in a mental health facility. that's ryan chamberlain. he appeared in court yesterday and he's the man arrested in san francisco last month after a nationwide search. if convicted he could get ten years in jail. a tentative settlement is announced in the case of a gynecologist accused of spying on patients. dr. levee allegedly recorded some 8,000 patients during
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gynecological exams at johns hopkins medical center in east baltimore. police say he sometimes used a pen camera that he wore around his neck. he committed suicide during the investigation. a judge has approved a preliminary settlement of $190 million. 4:45 now. the first six months of this year were the hottest ever in california. and that likely contributing to the drought. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration released the latest figures. on monday they show california breaking the mark for the first half of the year by a single degree after some 80 years. earlier numbers showed 2013 as a whole was the state's warmest year ever. >> it's hot. >> you know we get that ridge of high pressure and of course people in the eastern half of the united states. they were freezing. >> that's right. >> right now though some very interesting weather outside. we've got some lightning strikes that are moving in right as we speak. don't be surprised if you hear the rumble of thunder if you're headed out the door. check out your hi-def doppler radar. those thunderstorm just making their way in along the
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coastline and starting to spread across the bay now we're seeing a couple of lightning strikes headed in that direction. so indeed, it looks like kind of a wild start to the day. you could see some heavy downpours and some lightning strikes. maybe even a little hail with some of the cells too. so looks like a rough start early on today but as we head towards the afternoon. i think things begin to settle down a little bit. becoming partly cloudy. still a bit on the muggy side. we'll see little sunshine in- between the clouds as well and then more sunshine and warmer temperatures as we in toward the latter part of this week. but right now a cold front off the coastline and it's helping to draw up some of the moisture right up out of the south again. some very unstable air and that's just enough to trigger some of the showers and some of the thunderstorms outside this morning. around the state, if you're traveling, 80s and 90s in the central valley. still a chance of thunderstorms in the high country to lake tahoe. a few left aftershowers possible in the -- leftover showers possible in the monterey bay this morning. then by the afternoon, starting to break up just a bit with the clouds. it looks like things going to settle down after a chance of showers and thunderstorms this
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morning. looks like more normal weather toward the afternoon. about 79 degrees in san jose. 75 in san mateo. 60s along the coastline and east bay temperatures in the 70s and a few 80s then inside the bay we're looking at 60s and some 70s. looks like the next couple of days looking things settling down as the temperatures begin to warm up. high pressure building in back into the 90s in the valleys on thursday and friday. looks like a pretty toasty weekend too. little cool off towards the coastline, 60s and some patchy fog. all right let's check on the roads now with elizabeth. and once again the traffic alert in sunnyvale is the main thing slowing folks down right now. if you're heading northbound approaching that lawrence expressway, accident that's where the accident is. the delays are approaching santo miss. you can bet by the. you will just be waiting for a -- by. you will just be waiting for a while. when they hope to reopen lanes. but in the meantime just hit the few delays right now the accident was reported before 3:00. the investigation continues. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. some delay obviously in some of
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the cash lanes. so far left ones otherwise still looks clear. the road work may still be out there this morning and westbound from the incline and here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 here leaving hayward. everything is still looking great. no delay approaching the high- rise. and here's a live look at 880. we actually have a lot of roadwork up and down 880 this morning. it's northbound approaching 16th and then you'll hit more southbound between jackson and embarcadero. the three left lanes most of that should be wrapped up by 5:00. hopefully here pretty shortly they should be clearing things. and here's a live look at westbound 580. i know some folks got stuck in a little bit of the roadwork this morning in pleasanton. the folks we work with. just a heads-up. 14 minutes out of the altamont pass to 680. that's your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys. thank you. the city of oakland is starting putting notices on cars letting drivers know they have outstanding tickets. the reminders are aimed at vehicle owners the city can't reach by mail. the program is intended to help
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those drivers avoid having their cars towed or booted. a busy stretch of broadway in san francisco is about to get a safety upgrade. the plans call for a new median and wider sidewalks between the broadway tunnel and pal streets. crosswalks will also get special paving to make them more visible and work could start as soon as this fall. quite a trip. california all the way to hawaii. in a row boat. a couple women just completed that trip. >> cbs reporter chelsea davis on the long journey and what woman overcame to do it. >> reporter: a train of supporters lined the dock at waikiki yacht club. they're eagerly awaiting the arrival of two world class athletes. >> been hurry up and wait. >> reporter: tar remmington of new zealand is a world record holding ocean roarer and angela madison of long beach and a former marine who also holds records in the ocean.
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they accomplished their goal. >> it's just amazing to be finished. it's been -- a very long two months. >> i'm hungry actually. really hungry. because we didn't eat. we just drove to get in. >> reporter: but there's one element that makes this story even more incredible. madison is paralyzed from the waist down. >> yeah it's pretty amazing. i tell her all the time she's the most amazing person i ever met. >> reporter: the wounded warrior got injured in 1993. it was then that she decided her life was just beginning. >> it takes work. it takes training. to you know you have to put in the 110% if you want to achieve something but nothing is impossible. >> reporter: she won a bronze medal at the 2012 olympics for shot put and she's been inspiring people ever since. >> just the fact that i think anybody in their normal mind. able bodied would not be able to do this. yet she's paralyzed and she's done it. >> reporter: this is not her first attempt to cross the pacific. last year she had to be rescued
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by the coast guard. this year she made the journey with a partner. together they achieved the unimaginable and hope others will be inspired. >> basically that people shouldn't set limits on themselves and they should just challenge themselves and work to you know -- if they have a goal or something they want to achieve. just go for it and work. >> i'm thinking maybe club med there in hawaii for the next six months or something like that. >> yeah she deserves it. amazing. >> pretty incredible. both women by the way are rowing for a good cause. >> angela is raising funds for her california adaptive rowing program and tara is rowing on behalf of a young girl who's a quadruple amputee. good for them. time now 4:0. using technology to track down lost pets. how a bay area man is using software originally developed for law enforcement. >> and speaking of pets, we want to invite all you pet lovers out there to send us questions about their health and their well-being. e-mail away at or go to the web page,
4:52 am and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday here at noon. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, one of the world's richest men says we could all benefit from working less. mexico's carlos slim is recommending a three day workweek. with a catch. he says it should be offset by longer work hours and later retirement age. slim says having four days off per week would boost worker productivity and improve your quality of life. i like this guy. >> i'm for it. >> every day would be thursday or friday. and facebook has a new feature. save it for later allows users to bookmark stories and posts to go back to another time. the feature should appear in the dropdown menu in the top right corner in the next couple
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of days. if your dog runs off and you want to track him down, you can use your cell phone. kpix 5's don ford shows us how finding rover works. >> reporter: folks from miles around come to point isabel dog park. there are big dogs, little dogs, young and old, but all dog owners have one thing in common. the fear of losing their dogs. now there's an app for that. called finding rover. >> finding rover is almost like -- if you want to use a cliche crowd sourcing, anybody with a phone, anybody with the app. it's all free. we don't charge anything, just take a picture and identify an animal and save it. >> reporter: the website uses facial recognition software originally developed for law enforcement. but now adapted for dogs. you upload a photo of your lost dog, or a photo of the dog you found, and the algorithms go to work matching the two. >> our goal is 100 million animals worldwide in the next five years. >> reporter: but does it really
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work? gary brower and his family have two basset hounds and he snapped their photos and we gave it a shot. >> verifying the photo. >> reporter: first he entered his dog was lost. >> i would be shocked if this worked. every basset hound looks almost exactly alike. >> reporter: then his son entered him as found. a few moments later, the first results. >> it's like a -- a rat terrier it matched me with. >> reporter: but when his son tried -- >> this is the one that we reported. this is jojo. >> reporter: they did find him. >> yeah. >> reporter: you found the dog. >> yep. >> reporter: there seems to be a few bugs to work out but everyone i spoke with agreed. it's a cool idea. another way to keep your dog safe. now that finding rover has been launched. the developers say their next project is finding kitty. uh-huh. don ford, kpix 5. >> the software is expected to roll out this fall. it is 4:56. this tuesday morning, with flight recorders now in the
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hands of malaysian officials, the investigation into the plane crash in the ukraine takes an important step forward. we got details straight ahead. >> and don't get too comfortable in your b.a.r.t. station. i'm mark kelly. coming up in a live report the new rule that prevents you from sitting down. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he was arrested and he still didn't learn his lesson. >> a man who was previously arrested for leading police on a high speed chase is now accused of killing his friend in a crash. police say 23-year-old corey mcdonah had been drinking when he lost control and flipped his car. his passenger was killed. you have to make sure that the truth is out. and that accountability exists. >> the flight recorders from the downed malaysian plane are not hand of malaysian authorities, they could provide clues about what happened before the plane went down in eastern ukraine. it's a very sad -- a tragic --
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we have to all -- what we can -- >> world leaders pushing for an end to the violence in gaza. more than two dozen israelis and at least 570 palestinians have died so far. secretary of state john kerry is in egypt today to discuss the crisis. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> the kid knocks one out. good morning everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 and it's raining outside lawrence? >> we've got some showers out there and some thunderstorms actually rumbling through this morning. the rumblings of thunder around the bay area. out the door we go right now and a little wet in spots. the rain coming down. how about that? doesn't happen that often at this time of year but these thunderstorms rolling on through. brief heavy downpours. maybe a little hail. and yeah we've got the lightning out there as well. and check it out numerous lightning strikes sliding in mainly along


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